The Highest Skyscraper In the World - The Next Project

The Miapolis is conceived as the independent state with the large parkways and green avenues. Miapolis will represent the multipurpose skyscraper having own park of entertainments, an aquapark, an observatory, exotic restaurants, a large quantity of offices and apartments, and also a platform for a luxury panorama of Miami.Now the project searches for investors and, judging by financial

Visiting Great Museum Design in in Gent, Belgium - Urban Library and Media Center UNStudio

Amsterdam-based architectural firm UNStudio unveiled the design for the Urban Library of the Future and Centre for New Media in Gent, Belgium. The new complex creates a dynamic, flexible and open knowledge environment, with an open landscape, alternative circulation routes, several meeting areas and a public plaza. The building is fluid in form, accommodating to its surroundings and

The Next Amazing World Architecture 2022 World Cup Stadium in Qatar

Foster and Partners unveiled their design for Qatar’s 2022 World Cup bid, the Lusail Iconic Stadium which will provide a world-class football facility for 86,250 spectators during the opening ceremony, group games and final. Reflecting Doha’s culture and heritage, the stadium is designed to be highly energy efficient and capable of performing in extreme summer climatic conditions. The

Beauty Architecture Pictures

If you think That architecture is just about high rise buildings, the latest shopping mall or a series of subdivisions, then you are wrong. It is about a lasting mark in history. Architects over the course of history have been Responsible for Some of the greatest Monuments of mankind.Entire Cultures have been associated with specific architectural styles are the which have lasted decades and